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Class 4 – Year 5 / 6

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Welcome to Class 4.

Spring 2021/2022

Welcome back everyone, I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

This half term our learning in context is a history focus, we will be looking at the Vikings and their power struggle with the Anglo-Saxons.

Autumn 2021/2022

Welcome back to school everybody!

It is so nice to see everybody back at school, we have got some exciting new things to learn about for this first half term.
This half term we have a History focus for our topic called 'Sails, Sea and Scurvy', we are looking at Queen Elizabeth I and the impact she had on the world.

For more information about what we are learning about this half term please see the topic web.


Reading – for 20 mins everyday. A team point is given for each reading session logged in the reading diary. Extra team points are awarded if a parent / adult has written a comment.

Times Tables – Quick recall of times tables facts can have a significant impact on maths confidence and performance. Please encourage your child to learn / recall/ recite tables on a regular basis.

Spellings – A short spelling list will be sent home weekly for your children to learn. A short spelling test is held every Friday. In addition, other spelling activities may be sent home such as spelling investigations.

As we approach the Y6 SATs, additional booster homework will be sent home so that topics and learning are constantly refreshed and consolidated.

If you have any queries about homework or anything else you would like to discuss please do not hesitate in contacting the school office to make an appointment.