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'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' – Philippians 4v13

We have a vision for everyone at Bridgemere to be lifelong learners; trying their best, enduring tough times with hope and courage and being open to new experiences.
We believe that God helps us to grow, especially through challenges, we therefore value resilience. In order to flourish, we aim to support every child and adult with the diverse challenges of everyday life.

  • perseverance, creativity, trust, compassion, friendship, community, responsibility, thankfulness

As a Church of England school we believe that good education must promote life in all its fullness.

Our History Vision – comparing our world, past and present, through exciting first and second-hand experiences.

Our History Principles:

  • Our curriculum relates to the real world, past and present.
  • There are historical sources and artefacts which allow children to explore and lead their own learning.
  • Children are aware of their place and their role in history.
  • Children feel secure and confident in completing their own historical enquiries.
  • Children are equipped with the skills to evaluate, investigate and enquire.