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Class 1 – Nursery / Reception


Class 1 is taught by Mrs Willington on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Middleton on Thursday and Friday. We are very lucky to have Mrs Walker who supports in Class 1 as a Teaching Assistant all week.

Our topic this half term is 'Space'. We have built a space centre and rocket in our classroom.

We will be looking at the story 'Star in a Jar by Sam Hay. We will be collecting our own stars in a jar.

Week beginning 2nd November- We have learnt about 2D shapes and which shapes are needed to make a rocket. We have collected special things to go into a jar and used wow words to describe them. We have used the junk modelling resources to make jet packs, telephones and walkie talkies. In art, we celebrated Bonfire Night, by painting fireworks, using inks and glitter.
In Read Write Inc we learnt the sounds j,sh,v,y,w.

Week beginning 9th November- This week we are analysing and planning our version of Star in a Jar. In maths, we are learning 3D shapes to build a rocket. We are going to find everyday shapes using chocolate bars...yummy! We will celebrate Remembrance Day by making poppies.
In Read Write Inc we learnt the sounds th, z, ch, qu, x. We will be learning how to use Fred Fingers to write CVC words.

Week beginning 16th November- This week we have been making repeating patterns with colours and shapes. We have started to plan our moon buggies . Thank you for all your donations of junk modelling resources. In Read Write Inc we have learnt ng and nk.

Week beginning 23rd November- This week we have used our sweet shop to find one more and one less. We have been writing stories all about losing a star.
We have started to build our moon buggies. In Read Write Inc we are recapping all the Set One Sounds and learning Green Words.

Week beginning 30th November- This week we will be learning to add two numbers together.
In English, our star is missing!!! We need to make a missing poster.
We have watched John Lewis' Man on the Moon. We want to spread some Christmas joy and send him a letter. How will we get it there?

Please use the link below to watch how to teach dittys at home.