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School Day

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Our School Day

Start of the day:
Parents can drop their children off using the drive through system on the parent car park from 8.30am.

Mrs Middleton supervises this drop off on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Coats on a Thursday and Friday. The children use the coned off area to walk down the car park and through the side gate and round into their classrooms.
The member of staff supervising closes and locks the side gate just after 8.40am. This gives children who have been dropped off at 8.40am time to walk to their classroom and be in attendance for the register at 8.45am.

At 8.45am the register is taken, this is the start of the school day.
If a child arrives between 8.46-9.00am they are marked as late before register is closed (L – Late)
Subsequently if they arrive after 9.00am it becomes late after the register is closed (U – Unauthorised).

As a maintained school Bridgemere CE Primary must be open for at least 190 days during a school year.
The Government expects that we should be delivering a school week of at least 32.5 hours.

The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm, this is 6.5 hours a day and therefore 32.5 hours a week. (These hours include dinnertime and playtime.)

Break time:
At 10.30am we have our morning break for 15 minutes. All children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat during this time. There is fruit available for KS1 children and milk for Class 1.

Lunch break is 1 hour long – 12.00-1.00pm. Lunch is served in the school hall.
Children in Class 1 and 2 go for lunch at 12.00 and outside at 12.30-1.00pm.
Children in Class 3 and 4 go outside until 12.30 when they have their lunch.

Active 15:
Individual classes take time in the day for brain breaks and physical activity. This gives children time between learning especially in the afternoon for a short break.

Worship takes place in the hall each day at 3.00pm.
On a Friday this is at an earlier time of 2.45pm for our Celebration Worship.

End of the school day:
The school day ends at 3.15pm
At the end of the day parents are welcome into the school playground to collect their child(ren) from the class outside door.

If there are any changes to your child's normal arrangements please let us know. The best way to do this is by using your child's communication book (which is checked every morning by a member of staff). However, if this is not possible please contact the school office.

Please use the main car park and park responsibly ensuring that we can fit as many cars as possible. If the car park is full and you have to park on the roadside please avoid the yellow markings and do not park in front of the main school gates as these need to be kept clear at all times for emergency access.