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Sainsbury's Visit to Class 3

In December, Class 3 did a project inspired by the Sainsbury's Christmas truce advert.  They put together a book which contained some of the things they had learnt about this remarkable event that took place during World War 1.  This included making 100 poppies which were proudly displayed in the hall window, writing letters and diaries and making and tasting WW1 biscuits with flour, salt and water.  This book was then sent to Sainsbury's and made it all the way to head office in London! 


In January, we received a letter from Sainsbury's head office, thanking the children for their hard work! They were so impressed that they credited the school's Active Kids account with 500 points!


The book recently arrived back at the Nantwich store and the staff were so impressed by it that they came in to school to talk to the children about it today. As a thank you for such hard work Sainsbury's also presented the children with a £20 gift voucher! 



Well done Class 3 and a big thank you to Sainsbury's.