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Curriculum Key Stage 1

Welcome to our Key Stage 1 Curriculum Page

In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) we follow the National Curriculum making as much of our teaching as possible cross-curricular.


We follow the Letters and Sounds Programme of teaching daily phonics.

We use the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and the PM Bench Marking.


We are a Church of England Aided School and follow the Chester Diocese RE syllabus, taught as a rolling two year programme.


If you have any questions about the curriculum please contact the school office who can ensure you are directed to the most appropriate member of staff for your enquiry.



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English Curriculum


All the children are given opportunities to read, write, speak, listen and perform with confidence and enjoyment to the best of their ability, presenting work to a high standard which they can be proud of.


We aim for all children to become fluent, confident speakers who are able to listen to and respect the opinions and thoughts of others, developing a wealth of debating skills in addition to key drama skills during their learning.


Writing For A Real Audience

All children are encouraged to become fluent writers who are able to express their feelings and opinions in a variety of genre.

Our pupils write for a real audience as much as possible, sometimes for our younger pupils or for local and national competitions.

Teachers build in sustained writing sessions when appropriate and use cross-curricular opportunities to encourage writing at length.

Children are encouraged to reflect on their writing with peers, adults or on their own.




We promote reading through the use of our school and local libraries, as well as events such as Book Fairs, Book Reading Competitions, mystery readers and visiting authors and poets. Children are encouraged to read a variety of genres written by different authors from the range of books available. The children are offered a choice of 'real' books as well as  the reading scheme books. We offer many different schemes in order to appeal to all readers. (Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat, Project X to name a few)


In Summer 2016 we reviewed our Reading Programme. The result of this review was the launch of the Rainbow Reader ( children on colour banded books to Lime) and the Olympic reader (children reading Ruby and above) It was decided that all children in KS1 and KS2  be reassessed in the light of the new National Curriculum expectations and placed on the corresponding programme and level. In addition to these changes, all children will be closely monitored to ensure the children are reading different genres and authors. Progress will be measured through Benchmarking and comprehension tasks. Should you require more information on this please see Mrs Poulson-Green


Spelling and Grammar

These subjects are taught as discrete lessons.

Spelling is taught daily. Children are placed in different groups in accordance with their ability and follow either the year 1 or 2 Framework, as set in the English curriculum. Parents are made aware of which spelling focus their child is on through weekly homework activities.

Grammar is taught once a week and follows the Year 1/2 programme. Once a concept is taught, children are encouraged to identify it when reading and writing.


Our Curriculum - At Bridgemere we run a rolling programme. This year 2018-19 we are currently running Topics B

Follow the link below to see out Spelling Programme
The link below sets out the End of Key Stage 1 and 2 expectations for Reading and Writing.