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Hello and welcome to Class 4's page, my name is Miss Slater and I teach year 5 and year 6. I have been teaching at Bridgemere for 3 years. I am the Maths co-ordinator and form part of the 'Building for the Future' group which consists of members of staff across the Real Life Learning Trust.





Our topic for the first part of the Autumn Term is 'Sea, Sails and Scurvy'. This is a history based topic surrounding the Tudor and Elizabethan era. The children will explore what it was like to live those times and understand the importance of Queen Elizabeth 1's reign. 


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Our topic for the summer term is 'Wacky Races'. This is a design and tecnology based topic, the children will be researching famous race tracks around the world, comparing them and finding out what makes the tracks successful. The children will then have the opportunity to design their own race tracks. The children will be finding out how they can design and create their own go karts, ensuring that they are developing their communication skills when working in a group and drawing upon their science lessons on forces to develop the best go kart.




Our topic for the spring term is 'Being A Global Citizen'. This is a geography based topic and will consist of the the children understanding why the earth is so important and how we can go about protecting it for other generations to come. We will be looking at natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes and man made disasters, such as deforestation and global warming. For more information look at our topic web.





Our topic for this half term is 'Business Enterprise - Building an APP'. This topic will consist of the children conducting market research for the lastest trending apps on the market, thinking about what makes them exciting and downloadable and how can they create an app that is going to get children wanting to download it. For more details please look at the topic web on the page.






Our topic for this half term is Charles I - II. We shall be investigating significant events at the time, including the Black Death and the Great Fire of London, which will lead onto medicine at the time and the concept of microbes. Further we shall look into the English Civil War and important people from the time. For more detail on what we will be covering in class, please look at the topic web.


Class 4 have had an amazing morning, we have re-enacted 'The Great Fire of London'. The models houses that we made last week were set on fire. We got to see how quickly fire can spread. 
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Class 4 have had a lot of fun this afternoon, we have been lucky enough to have a visit from Crewe Station Fire fighters. They came to see us to talk about fire safety and the importance of making sure we have a fire plan for at home. We even got to try on some fire fighting equipment. 


We have also worked as groups this afternoon to build model houses similar to those during The Great Fire of London. Once our models are completed we will be re-enacting how the fire spreads. Keep an eye on our page to see the end results.



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Reading - for 20 mins everyday. A team point is given for each reading session logged in the reading diary. Extra team points are awarded if a parent / adult has written a comment. 


Times Tables - Quick recall of times tables facts can have a significant impact on maths confidence and performance. Please encourage your child to learn / recall/ recite tables on a regular basis. 


Spellings - A short spelling list will be sent home weekly for your children to learn. A short spelling test is held every Wednesday. In addition,  other spelling activities may be sent home such as spelling investigations.


As we approach the Y6 SATs, additional booster homework will be sent home so that topics and learning are constantly refreshed and consolidated.


If you have any queries about homework or anything else you would like to discuss please do not hesitate in contacting the school office to make an appointment.