Staff | Bridgemere CE Primary School
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Here is a list of the Bridgemere Team:


Executive Headteacher:

Mrs B. Dolman


Head of School:

Mrs K. Appleby


Office Staff:

Mrs S. Rowley (School Bursar)



Mrs S. Willington (Nursery & Reception)

Miss T. Prince (Year 1 and 2)

Miss D. Slater (Year 3 and 4)

Mrs L. Lock (Year 5 and 6)

Mrs K. Appleby (Year 5 and 6)


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S. Foyle

Mrs S. Hollowood

Mrs S. Walker 

Mrs N. Wilcox 


BOOST Staff (before & after school provision):

Mrs S. Hollowood  

Mrs S. Foyle  


School Cook:

Mrs T. Myers


Midday Assistants:

Mrs D. Hankey

Mrs S. Foyle