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Class 3

      Welcome to Class 3


Welcome to our class page.


This year Class 3 will be taught by Mrs Lock on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Middleton on Thursday and Friday. We are very excited to have our new class and look forward to getting to know every child over the coming year.

Mrs Lock has been at Bridgemere for five years and Mrs Middleton was previously the Head of School at Acton Primary Academy  which is part of the 'Real Life Learning Trust' that Bridgemere will be joining over the next academic year

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Welcome back to the Summer Term.


This term, our topic is “Fashion Show”. We will be finding out how clothes and fashions have changed over time and designing, recycling and 'upcycling' items of clothing for a fashion show.


English work will concentrate on writing non-chronological reports and biographies.  In Maths, we will be looking at mass, volume and length, area and perimeter.  Our first science topic will be ‘Electricity’ followed by ‘States of matter’.


In RE, we will be finding out about the ‘Holy Spirit’, asking ‘What does Christian art teach people about the Trinity?’ and ‘Why do Christians say: ‘Father, Son & Holy Spirit?’ and ‘What part do Christians believe the Holy Spirit plays in welcoming Christians into the church community?’

We will continue to work with the Academy for Performing Arts for our dance, drama and music activities. As the weather improves, hopefully we will be out on the field improving our skills in cricket, tennis and athletics.






In the second part of the term, our topic will be 'Around the World in 80 Days'. We will be finding out about important countries of the world, their capital cities and famous landmarks. 




We will be thinking like a travel agent, a traveller, a tourist.     We will be developing the life skills of budgeting,  using timetables and understanding time zones when planning a tour.

In English, we will be reading travel magazines to understand their format before writin our own travel articles. In Maths, we will be finding out about 'time'.  Our topic work will have a strong Geography focus.  We will be planning our own tours around the world, looking at flight times and costs,  visiting different countries and finding out a little about their cultures and landmarks. 





Our first half term topic is 'George VI'.  

We will be learning about an important event that happened during his reign - World War II.


We will be thinking like a soldier, an evacuee and a Prime Minister. We will be visiting Tatton Park, where children from large cities were evacuated to the countryside and we will learn something of what life was like for them; the move to strange surroundings, the jobs they had to do and the precautions they had to take.

In English, our learning will be based on the work of war poets and on a version of

         'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'by CS Lewis.


   In our topic work, we will be plotting major events of WWII on a time line. We will find out about the leaders of the Allies and the Axis countries.  We will look at daily life during the war: the homefront, land army, air raids, the Blitz, rationing, evacuees, radio broadcasting and propaganda.

We will be developing our life skills of leadership, survival, resilience, responsibility and decision making.







During the 2nd Autumn half term our topic is 'The Gift of Giving'.



We will be thinking like a

charity Worker

volunteer and
aid worker

by exploring the work that charities do. We will be being creative and finding inventive ways to raise money for our chosen charities.


English work will be based on two classic texts – ‘The Little Match Girl’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’

We will focus on comparisons between the two texts and on formal letter writing.







During the first Autumn half term term in Class 3 our topic is'Law and Disorder'.

The children will be encouraged to think like a news reporter, equal rights lobbyist, lawyer, judge and police office as we journey through the half term.

We will begin by looking at important historical laws and how they have shaped societies and quickly move onto exploring historical figures and events that have challenged these laws for one reason or other. We will be asking the children to explore why Nelson Mandela, Emmeline Pankhurst and Martin Luther King challenged the social laws of their day. By doing this it is developing the life skills of communication, persuasion, public speaking, forming judgements with justifications and developing facts, opinions, bias and debate.




To help support our topic we will be looking at the story of 'Krindlekrax' by Philip Ridley.